• 16e
  • Runabout wind screen
    100% Electric
    Welcome to the world of the Thain Electric 16E. Silent. Safe. Green. The 16E is the only purely electric boat of its type.
    Traditional motorboats typically use gas propulsion, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In the same way that electric and hybrid cars have revolutionized our roads, the Thain Electric 16E will revolutionize how we travel on our waterways.
  • Runabout wind screen
    High Performance
    The Thain Electric offers the operator speed and functionality which rival that provided by our gas powered competitors.
  • Runabout wind screen
    We think you’ll agree, the best boating value available today is the Thain Electric 16E. Silent. Safe. Green. And Affordable. Start your very own Thain electric boat story today. Our passion reflects a combination of an eye for classic style and performance. Thain Electric boats are unique. By specifying only the highest quality materials, like our hand selected mahogany. Thain Electric boats stand alone in performance, safety and affordability.

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